HUAKA‘I MEA‘AI – Hilo Bay Cafe

2 04 2009

In Hawaiian, Huaka‘i Mea‘ai means “Food Journey.” Food is an important part of life here in Hawai‘i. You know the old joke: “Hawaiians don’t eat until they’re full; they eat until they’re tired.”

We don’t really do that, most of us. But we do take our food seriously.

We’re going to bring you the occasional glimpse of some of our meals on the Big Island. With comments.

E ‘ai kakou! (Let’s eat.)

For our first official Huaka‘i Mea‘ai, we went to the Hilo Bay Cafe for lunch. It’s in an unlikely spot — the Wal-Mart parking lot, in a small strip mall. But it’s a really nice restaurant.

Fish and Chips

Fish & Chips

Kulana Ribeye

Kulana Ribeye

M., on the Kulana Ribeye: “More than enough for lunch. Cooked perfectly. Great sauce. I’d order this again.”

L., on the Fish & Chips: “This was a desperation order. Everybody else was ready to order and I flailed at the last second and ended up with this. It was good; something about the batter made it better than your average f&c.  The tartar sauce was homemade and good. I liked it.”

E., on the Slow-Cooked Barbecue Pork Ribs (not pictured): “Kind of fatty, but still good. The salad and the dressing were good.”

e., (that’s “Little E.,” who’s 5): “Really good ice cream sundae.”                PAU






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